Iran First International Combustion School (ICS2019)

Prof. Masoud Darbandi

Sharif University of Technology, Iran

Welcome Notice from the ICS2019 Director

It is a great pleasure to share my welcome notice words with the people interested and/or dedicated to the combustion sciences. Today, combustion plays a critical role in different aspects of human life from energy production to environment issues. In one aspect, it can improve the quality of human life and from another aspect, it can ruin human life. These show the important role of combustion experts in future life of human. It is duty of combustion experts to expand the combustion knowledge among the other innovated sciences and generate genius researchers, who can manage combustion science toward providing more comfort and leisure for human life. As a professor of university, who has served the combustion industry/community for several years, I also see myself obliged to have my little contribution to combustion science and human welfare.

I received an invitation from the Iran Section of the Combustion Institute (ISCI) to manage the First Iran Combustion School (ICS2019) in February 2019. Because of the above reasons, I sincerely accepted their invitation. The time was not sufficiently long and I had to do my best to arrange ICS2019 in August 2019.  I mean I had to start the planning an event, which was aimed to be run within less than six months. It was terrible; however, the great contribution of my respectful colleagues expedited the event planning. At this point, I would like to thank the kind and great efforts of Prof. Amir Mardani, Prof. Azadeh Kebriaee, and Dr. Masoud Eidi Attarzadeh (from the board of ISCI directors). Indeed, without their great help and support, this event could not be possibilized.

The main focus of ICS2019 is on experimental combustion, combustion modelling, internal combustion, spray combustion, and air pollution. This event has been inserted into the timetables of the Combustion Institute (CI) and the ISCI. Hopefully, it will be one premier event in our country and even in the neighboring countries. It is a joined program by Sharif University of Technology and the ISCI. We will run four short courses (10.5 hours each), more than two workshops (3 hours each), six seminars (45 minutes each), and possibly 3 panels in this event.  Our plan has been to manage the ICS2019 in a manner to provide a suitable environment for the young students and young researches to the field of combustion. This event will be a great chance for the young researchers from both academia and industry to substantiate their combustion science and its related topics in more depth. By visiting the well-known international and Iranian combustion scientist, this event will hopefully provide great environment for the young researchers to be in the better position of the next generation of world combustion experts. I would like to remind the ICS2019 participants not to miss different sections of this.


Thank You

Masoud Darbandi

Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering

Director, Iran Combustion School

Director, Center of Excellence in Aerospace System